Pukeko Room

Pukeko Room Statement and Philosophy

In the under two room we have a maximum of eight children, aged between three months and approximately two years. The ministry of Education requires an adult to child ratio of one to five but we prefer a ratio of one to four to ensure our children’s needs are met.

When the children are approximately two years old we start a transition into the over twos room which is a gradual process. This usually takes a month, starting with short visits and builds up to a full day. This enables children to build familiarity with the routine and develop relationships with the teachers and children in the over twos room. We focus on developing self-help skills and independence before the transition time which helps to ensure a smooth transition and enables the children to build important skills that will assist them throughout life.

The under two room has its own philosophy and beliefs on how to achieve the best for our children:

  • We believe that whanau are children’s first teachers and that your values, ideals, beliefs and goals are all vital to your child’s development. We strive to work together in collaboration with you to achieve the best possible outcomes for your child.
  • We view children as having an extensive whakapapa, with whanau, friends and the wider community all contributing to a child’s life experiences and that join the child on their journey of knowledge.
  • We recognise the value of primary caregiving in assisting children to establish a responsive and trusting bond which will enable them to develop their own identity and become secure in their ability to build relationships.
  • We recognise that each child is a unique individual with different skills, abilities, interests and needs, and we take this into account when planning our programme to ensure each child is catered for.
  • We take a holistic approach in ensuring that every child’s cognitive, social, physical and spiritual well-being is respected, nurtured and enhanced.
  • We recognise the significance of the Treaty of Waitangi as a fundamental part of Aotearoa and believe in the importance of promoting and encouraging a bicultural environment.
  • We strongly encourage the development of social skills such as communication and teamwork and role-model them daily.
  • We recognize the environment as the third teacher and believe we need to set it appropriately to engage children and enhance their development and learning. 
Pukeko Room Teacher - Melissa Trainer
Pukeko Room Teacher
Pukeko Room - Diana Enriquez
Pukeko Room