Kiwi Room

In the Kiwi Room, we as teachers take great pride in making sure we create a friendly, positive and supportive environment for our children. 

We believe that it is highly important to build strong and positive relationships with each child. In the Kiwi room, we believe that our children’s ability to thrive and learn is reliant on whether they establish an intimate, responsive and trusting relationship with the teacher. We also work side by side with the parents, to make the children’s learning more concrete.

The environment plays a vital role to the children’s  learning and we make sure that we are covering all children’s interests around, as well as the Te whaariki areas. 

Children are individuals and therefore we focus on their individual interests and needs. We encourage dynamic learning, giving every child the opportunity to grow into lifelong learners.

As a team, we value the understanding of a teacher parent partnership approach. Communication is our core value, as we believe that our children will gain the most benefit from it.

The team in the Kiwi Room are passionate educators who share the genuine love for children, family and each other. Your child will be loved from the heart and encouraged through positive guidance. 

Kiwi Room Teacher - Jo-Anne
Kiwi Room Teacher
Kiwi room Teacher - Deepti
Kiwi room Teacher
Kiwiroom Teacher - Rasnit
Kiwiroom Teacher
Teacher Assistant - Wafaa Amghari
Teacher Assistant